The Veil Classic Preset offers consistent film inspired edits on your RAW images. Veil Presets emulate the rich tones, and dreamy dynamic range of film in just a few clicks! These presets also come with the Veil Tool Kit which includes 23 targeted adjustments that quickly and easily allow you to fine tune your editing.

Compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic, CC, as well as Lightroom 4 or later versions and Adobe Camera Raw.


Veil Classic Desktop Presets

Access to the private Facebook community

Video tutorials that show how to use the presets

PDF installation guide

23 fine tune adjustments in the Veil Tool Kit 

3 base color presets

Veil Classic Desktop Presets include everything you need to transform your images. Once you apply one of three base presets, the Veil Tool Kit provides quick fixes to fine tune your edit. 

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make adjustments using the veil tool kit

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Getting beautiful skin tones and film-inspired hues shouldn't take an eternity to achieve! Veil Desktop Presets take your images from blah to beautiful in just a few clicks! See for yourself...

Kayla dutcher

chicago, illinois

I have been able to achieve the look I am going for in a fraction of the time of many other presets.


erin brennan

frederick, maryland

 Veil Presets have cut my editing time significantly! I have confidence in my editing and it has allowed me to finish editing sessions super quickly!


elizabeth lauren jones

atlanta, georgia

I love the cool softness that the presets bring to indoor sessions and the warm bright airiness that they bring to outdoor session images.


are these presets right for you?

Anne Molnar

you've spent hours trying to achieve a bright and airy feel to your photos without any luck

you've tried to create your own presets but you're overwhelmed with all the settings in Lightroom

you want to create a cohesive editing style but can't nail your signature look

you want to elevate your brand by creating timeless images that you and your clients will love

erin brennan

I love the ease of these presets and how I can achieve the look I want with just a few clicks! 


frequently asked

You will receive a PDF instillation guide, 3 base presets, and a tool kit of 23 additional adjustment presets that will allow you to fine tune you images in just a few clicks. 

You need Adobe Lightroom 4 or later, or Lightroom CC. The mobile preset can be used with the free version of the Lightroom CC app. The desktop presets also comes as an .XMP file format that can be used in Adobe Camera RAW.

It will help to have a basic understanding of how the program works, but the beauty of these presets is that they take the guess work out of the endless adjustments that can be made in Lightroom! 

We completely understand that there is no "one-size-fits-all" for presets! This is why we recommend utilizing our test editing service to see what the presets will look like on your work. We are also always happy to help you make adjustments to create your desired look. Email us at with questions! 

You will receive a download link immediately after you successfully complete your payment. An additional link will also be emailed to you. If for some reason you can't access your files, please email us at

Absolutely! You can use Veil Presets to edit with both JPEG and RAW files. Keep in mind, the presets were created to work best on RAW files but they still work wonders on JPEG files. 

Veil Presets will allow you to save time, create a cohesive look across your portfolio, and create bright, film-inspired images.

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