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Quick Fix | Chromatic Aberration

Ever wonder what that purple/pink/greenish haze is around the edge of objects in some of your photos?! Well it’s most likely due to a fancy thing called “chromatic aberration”. In a nutshell, chromatic aberration is caused when a lens in unable to bring all the color wavelengths onto the same focal plane. You will often see chromatic aberration in photos where there is a lot of strong back light. The subject or the tree branches will probably have a colored fringe!

So, how do you fix it?! Easy! Lightroom has a section called “lens correction”. You can select the “manual” section and adjust the sliders to eliminate the colored fringes.

Here’s a portrait that shows chromatic aberration on tree branches during sunset portraits…

And here are the settings I used to fix the C.A. and the final image…

I hope this helps next time you see those pesky color fringes on your images!

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October 2, 2020



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